mandag 9. november 2009

Joda, Magic Mouse er magisk

Magic Mouse er magisk! Det synes i alle fall journalisten Mark A. Kellner i The Washington Times:

But it's the very act of scrolling with the Magic Mouse that is, well, magical. Unlike using the scroll wheels on many (most?) of today's mice, the simple move of gliding one's fingers up and down the mouse feels more natural than I can describe in words. It just works better.

Etter at han har brukt datamus i flere tiår, er hans dom denne:

Until a user spends a few minutes with the Magic Mouse, I fear that any description, no matter how enthusiastic, won't properly convey how good a product this is. After decades of using computer input devices, I think this is the finest mouse ever.

VG: Test Apple Magic Mouse: Lekker, men ikke magisk


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